A Little Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Mr. Magicals, otherwise known as Magic-Al, I’d love to come and be the most entertaining magician for your children’s party!

Described by many happy customers as ‘absolutely hilarious’, ‘fabulous entertainment’ and ‘fantastic service all round’, I'm dedicated to bringing professional and fun entertainment to that most special occasion in a young person’s life: their own party.

Magic is a great way to get your little ones together and share something special with their friends and family. It doesn’t matter what or where your event is, whether it's in your home or if it's in an restaurant or event centre, if it’s a birthday party, holiday party, school assembly, part of a social group like the Cubs, Scouts, athletics club, if it's a bar or bat mitvah, seasonal or festive, magic is an incredibly rewarding experience for any young person.

I’ve been performing magic since I was 11 (well over half of my life), as well as acting, teaching magic and working in a family business as AGMagicians.

Funny, silly, full of energy and always memorable, I'd love to bring some high-quality and wonderful magic to your kid's celebration. From ages 3 to 9, my love of all things magical and my ability to make kids fall about with laughter, I’ll make sure your child’s event is a magical time, remembered by all!


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Magic is a great way to get your little ones together and share something special with their friends and family. It doesn’t matter what or where your event is, if it’s a birthday party, holiday party, school assembly, bar and bat mitvah, seasonal or festive, magic is an incredibly rewarding experience for any young person.

My focus tends to be from the ages of 3 to 9 (Please note: These are just rough guides, and there is often a mix of ages, including older/younger siblings. Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss your specific party requirements!), and I can specialise across a few specific themes.

If you have any questions, please check the Q&A section below or use the contact details to get in touch!




Why I Think Magic Should Be Magical

I believe that every person, no matter their age, should believe in at least a little bit of magic.

Sharing magic with children is an amazing thing, and it fills with me with joy to see how excited and engaged kids become when they watch high-quality, professional magic performed - but I know it goes deeper than that.

It’s obviously very important to me that your children feel safe, happy and comfortable whilst I’m performing, and I endeavour to make sure every single one of them present is having a fun time, regardless of my own personal philosophy. Yet I truly believe we can use magic for something greater than an entertaining half-an-hour.

Magic is a way of treating children with the respect and intelligence which they deserve: I avoid using patronising language or using props that aren’t age appropriate, and I go out of my way to get as many of them as involved as possible and use magic as a tool to build communication, confidence and a sense of belonging.

Though I have fun and they get to have a laugh, it’s vital to me that any child taking part (whether they’re being part of the trick or sitting at the back of the room) comes away thinking that they can do some magic if they really believe they can.

Some may think that’s patronising in and of itself – but I’ve seen, time and time again, that it’s by empowering this sense of curiosity, wonder and imagination, treating the children with respect, and giving them an opportunity to get involved, we can promote creativity, self-esteem and positive thinking habits in a way that supports young people’s emotional intelligence, well-being and growth.

I hope you agree with me, and that you understand my passion for sharing magic isn’t just because it’s fun and I get to be silly for a while, but because it can help build up confidence, empathy and imagination, and ultimately, may one day lead to a better world.

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A Bunch Of Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you cost? How can I pay you? Do you need a deposit?

Each costing will be worked out in a case-by-case basis. Depending on how long you’ll want the performance, if you want extra themed materials, and how far the travel is, we can discuss fees and anything else you would like through calling or texting me on 07982 145 631, or use the contact details below, or you can email me at contact@magicals.co.uk

I do not use deposits, as I believe trust is one of the most important things in this industry. If you require a receipt or invoice for the transaction, please just let me know, but I much prefer to be informal about these things.

I’m happy to work cash-in-hand. I can generate an invoice for you which you can pay by BACS/Bank Transfer, or I can use my online payment systems to take credit/debit card details, or I can use the same to accept PayPal/ApplePay/Google Payments.

Do you perform for the whole family?

Yes, I can adapt my act to be more family oriented. Alternatively, you can book myself and my father, George, as AGMagicians and we can entertain a larger amount of people of all ages together.

How did you get into magic? Why do you like it so much?

When I was about 10 years old, my Dad started using magic in his teaching to get through to vulnerable and excluded children. Watching him try out these new tricks got me hooked on seeing magic being performed, and I visited my first international magic convention in Blackpool that year.

By the time I was 11, I was performing little bits and pieces of it for my classmates at the Birmingham School of Acting. Since then, I’ve been around the world using magic as my passport, as well as being a full-time professional for the past 8 years as part of AGMagicians.

I love magic because it is an equal playing field. Whether you’re a 3-year-old who’s obsessed with Elsa, or an 80-year-old who remembers watching David Nixon on the TV, both pairs of eyes light up when you see something impossible happen in front of you, and your imagination starts whirring, and your whole way of seeing the world shifts.

Performing for children also lets me express a side of my personality I don’t get to show anywhere else: the clowning, silly, frantic and unironic belief in magic that is Mr Magicals is a wonderful excuse to be childlike once again. Some of us just never grow up.

What time will you arrive? How long will you stay for?

I always arrive at least 20 minutes before the show starts. This means I can get my things ready, introduce myself to you and the children, and be sure to start on time.

The length of the show all depends on what package you’re after. You can see these in some detail here, but in short, if most of the audience is between 3 to 5, it won’t be longer than 30-minutes as they tend to get fidgety after too long. If they’re between 5 to 7, I’ll aim anywhere between half an hour to 45 minutes. If they’re slightly older, from 7 to 9, then most audiences of that age will be happy to sit up to the full hour’s length.

These are only rough guides, and we should discuss our options together before the show – after all, who better to know your child than yourself?

Why are you both Mr. Magicals and Magic-Al? What’s the difference?

Sometimes it’s easier for younger children to refer to me as Magic-Al, and other times it’s better for them to think of me as Mr. Magicals. There’s no difference in what you get, other than trying to make it easier for the kids.

My child/other children present has learning disabilities/is hard-of-hearing/is visually impaired/has mobility requirements, is what you do still appropriate?

On the most part, yes. Depending on the degree to which they are able and willing to take part, I’m very aware of getting everyone involved and everyone having fun (including the adults). Even sitting back and enjoying others having a good time can be incredibly fun whilst I’m performing.

I have worked with and performed for several organisations, including Beacon Centre for the Blind, Cerebral Palsy Plus and Liverpool Mental Health Consortium, and though I will endeavour to be flexible with my performance to support your child, I always aim to treat others fairly, equally and with respect.

No one knows your child, their needs and requirements as you do, so if this is of any concern, please do let me know using the contact information below.

Do you provide other services, like face-painting, bouncy castles etc.?

At the minute, I don’t offer any extra services. However, in the next few weeks, I am looking at adding extra games and activities that will be facilitated by a Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 teacher.

My child wants to learn magic, can you help teach them?

Yes, absolutely. Depending on their age (the older the better, in most cases), I’d be happy to spend an hour or so going through some very simple and easy-to-do tricks. If they want to do more, I’ve got plenty of things they can learn that I’ve been doing since I was about 11.

We can discuss pricing and plans over the phone, so feel free to call or text me on 07982 145 631, use the contact details below or you can email me at contact@magicals.co.uk

If a train leaves Manchester at 8:40 A.M. and is travelling at 90 MPH., and the London Euston service leaves Birmingham at 7:20 A.M. going at 120 MPH, why does the driver’s go cross-eyed when they meet halfway?

I have absolutely no idea, don’t ask such silly questions.

Do you perform outside of the West Midlands?

At the moment, I tend to perform only inside the West Midlands for convenience of travel. If you’re interested in having me come along for your party and you’re outside of this area, I will have to add extra fees for travelling. But do let me know, you can call or text me on 07982 145 631, or use the contact details below or you can email me at contact@magicals.co.uk

Do you do special offers?

Yes, if you want to book for a number of shows or for different groups of people, I’d be happy to offer you a discounted rate. If you’d like to discuss this, please call or text me on 07982 145 631, or use the contact details below or you can email me at contact@magicals.co.uk


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